UG HAIR CARE - Eyebrow Tonic (10ml)
UG HAIR CARE - Eyebrow Tonic (10ml) Eyebrow Tonic Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Subang Jaya Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | UG International Sdn Bhd
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UG HAIR CARE - Eyebrow Tonic (10ml) x1
RM 68.00

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UG HAIR CARE - Eyebrow Tonic is a herbal extract essence helps eyebrow regrow to a complete and fuller eyebrow shape. With natural ingredients to make eyebrow grows in a natural way.


1 - Denatured Ethanol
2 - Aqua
3 - Biota Orietalis Leaf Extract
4 - Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract
5 - Angelica Sinensis Extract
6 - Ligusticum Chuan Xiong Extract
7 - Schizonepeta Tenuifolia Extract
8 - Morus Alba Fruit Extract

Direction To Use:

After face cleansing and basic maintainance, apply UG Eyebrow Tonic once to twice daily onto eyebrow.
Use the roller to apply direct onto eyebrow until the tonic is fully absorbed.

Testimonial 1: Eyebrow become darker Testimonial 2: Eyebrow become fuller, complete in shape

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